Fiery crash in Raleigh claims 1 life, injures several others

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People who ride in cars as passengers place a tremendous amount of trust that the person operating the motor vehicle will get everyone to their destinations safely. Unfortunately, not all drivers in North Carolina choose to operate their vehicles safely, and they place themselves, their passengers and everyone else at risk. It’s not yet clear what led to a single-car crash in Raleigh recently, but the accident claimed the life of one person and injured several others. 

Details concerning the incident 

Around 4 a.m. the morning of Saturday, June 18, a car carrying the driver and three passengers was approaching the intersection of Millbank Street and North Raleigh Boulevard. For reasons yet unknown, the car jumped the curve and onto a sidewalk, where it apparently struck a tree almost head-on. The collision caused the car to burst into flames. No other vehicles were involved. 

Reports state that a woman was killed in the crash, presumably at the scene; her age was not included in the report of the crash. Additionally, three occupants of the car, two men and another woman, were transported to a local medical center for treatment of serious injuries. Reports did not state who was driving the car at the time of the accident, and the crash is under investigation. 

Right to compensation 

If the deceased woman was a passenger in the car and the driver’s negligence cause the accident, her surviving family can pursue a wrongful death claim against the driver, and those injured can pursue personal injury claims. If the deceased woman was the driver, her estate can be named in personal injury suits brought against the injured parties. Either way, those adversely affected will want to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney in North Carolina for a full explanation of their rights and options for obtaining compensation.