Undercover operation nets 30+ arrests

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Unfortunately, some people will try anything to make money. This includes selling illegal drugs as well as the unlicensed sale of alcohol and firearms. The state of North Carolina recently completed an extensive investigation into the illegal sale of drugs, alcohol and firearms in the state, and the investigation culminated in dozens of arrests warrants. 

Investigation and arrest warrants 

The North Carolina Division of Alcohol Law Enforcement conducted a month’s long investigation into suspected illegal activity involving the sale of illegal drugs and the unlicensed sale of alcohol and firearms. During the undercover operation in Columbus County, the unit recently gained enough evidence to issue more than 30 arrest warrants for individuals throughout the area. Reports state that almost a dozen of those named in arrest warrants have yet to be apprehended. 

The warrants contain a total of more than 200 counts. Although the report did not specify the charges, officials reportedly seized considerable amounts of drugs, including methamphetamine, cocaine and fentanyl. Guns and alcoholic beverages were also seized. The investigation purportedly also focused on licensed alcohol businesses that were suspected of selling alcohol illegally, in which case the establishment could lose its alcohol license and face considerable fines and other consequences. 

Right to defense 

Each of those arrested for an alleged part in the operation remain innocent in the eye of the law until – and only if — convicted in court. Considering the potentially serious charges these individuals face, each will want to work directly with an experienced criminal defense lawyer in North Carolina to help them protect applicable rights and liberties. A lawyer will analyze the circumstances surrounding the investigation and subsequent arrest and work diligently to help his or her client obtain the best outcome possible.