Several juveniles face criminal charges after alleged assaults

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When parents learn that their children have been involved in potentially criminal activity, they may feel shock, disbelief and worry. Unfortunately, juveniles can find themselves in predicaments that lead to serious criminal charges and the need to defend against those charges for the sake of their futures. In some cases, the allegations could pose the chance of long-lasting consequences, and thoroughly understanding the situation is necessary. 

The parents of eight juveniles in North Carolina are likely reeling after learning that these minors had been taken into custody by police. According to reports, the following incidents unfolded: 

  • At least eight juveniles were in a vehicle and were allegedly shooting at least one pellet gun. 
  • Witnesses reported multiple incidents of pellet gun assaults and damage. 
  • One individual was reportedly hit in the eye with a pellet and went to the hospital with serious injuries. 
  • Authorities located the vehicle described as being involved in the incidents, and investigators determined that it had been stolen. 

After stopping the vehicle, eight juveniles exited the vehicle and attempted to flee the scene, but they were apprehended. They are currently facing charges for possession of stolen property, assault with a deadly weapon and assault with a deadly weapon causing serious injury. None of the suspects’ ages were provided in the report. 

The criminal charges brought against these North Carolina juveniles are not to be taken lightly. Their parents will undoubtedly want to gain more information on how the arrests occurred and what criminal defense options may be available. Creating and presenting a meaningful defense may help minimize the repercussions possible for these young people.