Drug charges likely have man exploring criminal defense

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In hopes of finding the best way to handle criminal charges, it is often wise for accused parties to ensure that the information they obtain is reliable. Each case differs in various ways, so having information that relates to a person’s specific case could help them find the criminal defense options that could work well for their circumstances. Also, no matter how bleak a situation may seem, there is always hope for a good outcome. 

One man in North Carolina is undoubtedly hoping for a good outcome after recently being taken into custody. According to reports, the man called authorities after he believed that someone was being shot at. However, after authorities arrived at the scene, they purportedly determined that the man was having a hallucination. Police officers apparently did not find any evidence of a shooting. 

As a result of the situation, authorities began an investigation that resulted in the man being taken into custody. During that investigation, officers allegedly found the following materials in the man’s possession: 

  • Methamphetamine 
  • LSD 
  • Marijuana 
  • Xanax 
  • Suboxone 
  • Drug distribution paraphernalia 

The man is currently facing various drug possession charges, but he was released from custody on a $30,000 bond. Of course, even though the man is not currently in custody, it would likely benefit him to focus on his case and the charges he is facing. Determining how to approach his criminal defense in North Carolina court may not be easy, but taking the time to thoroughly explore the details of the incident and his available options may allow him to make a decision with which he feels confident moving forward.