Student facing criminal charges for having weapon at school

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Children often make mistakes and do not fully realize the consequences their errors could have. They may think that trying to look cool or dangerous in front of their friends will help them become more popular, but in some instances, it could lead to criminal charges if their actions are deemed in violation of the law. Unfortunately, even juveniles can face serious allegations that they and their parents will likely need to defend against.

Weapon found on school campus

One juvenile in North Carolina was recently taken into custody after an incident at the juvenile’s school. Apparently, the school’s resource officer located a student who had a handgun in his or her backpack. Details on what caused suspicions to be raised that there was a weapon on campus were not given in the report. Nonetheless, it was noted that the officer secured the weapon.

Juvenile taken into custody

The student was taken into custody on a charge of possessing a weapon on campus. Because the individual is a juvenile, information regarding his or her age and identity were not provided in the report. The sheriff released a statement indicating that officers work continuously to keep the community and schools in the area safe.

Defending against the allegations

Now, the juvenile suspect will have a challenging road ahead. If convicted, he or she could face serious consequences that have a substantial effect on the future. However, the student has the right to create and present a meaningful defense against the criminal charges. Because he or she is a minor, the parents of the student will likely want to gather reliable information from local North Carolina legal resources that could help them as the case moves forward.