Car crash involving ambulance has harrowing outcomes

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Serious roadway accidents can involve various types of vehicles, and it is not always clear at first what may have contributed to the accidents. Unfortunately, these events often have devastating outcomes for those involved, as even minor injuries can leave someone shaken for days. Of course, when serious or fatal injuries result, the emotional turmoil that stems from a car crash can be long lasting.

It was recently reported that an accident in North Carolina involved a passenger vehicle and an ambulance. At the time of the report, the incident was still under investigation, so it was not exactly clear what factors may have contributed to the crash. Nonetheless, the following details were provided:

  • The ambulance was heading south while responding to a call, and the vehicle’s flashing lights and sirens were activated.
  • The passenger car was heading east, and the driver was attempting to make a left turn when it was hit by the ambulance.
  • The passenger car had three individuals inside, and the ambulance had two occupants.

The collision resulted in one of the passengers in the car being ejected and the other two being trapped inside. Unfortunately, the ejected passenger and the driver of that vehicle both suffered fatal injuries. The third occupant of the car was still hospitalized at the time of the report. The occupants of the ambulance were both treated for minor injuries and released.

Due to the harrowing outcomes of this North Carolina car crash, it could be possible for civil lawsuits to result. Depending on who is considered at fault for the incident, personal injury and wrongful death claims could be filed. Such legal action could allow affected parties to seek compensation for damages, but the details of the incident will play a role in whether such claims are applicable.