15-year-old facing charge of armed robbery

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It is not unusual for a young person to make an error in judgement. In the most extreme situations, that kind of error can lead to criminal charges, which may have a profound impact upon a teen or child’s life. People who have a criminal record that begins when they are young often have increased difficulty finishing their education or obtaining employment compared to their peers. Having a solid plan for juvenile defense may be the most effective strategy for reducing any type of fallout. The impact of a recent arrest of a juvenile here in North Carolina may not be fully known for several years, but it is safe to say that this could change his life forever.

Officers say that the incident happened one evening last month at a convenience store. The suspect reportedly had a gun that he used in a robbery that took place in the parking lot. It is unclear exactly what the 15-year-old suspect stands accused of taking. Police received notification shortly thereafter.

The police investigation led officers to the young man, and they filed a juvenile petition against him. They arrested him five days after the alleged robbery and transported him to a local juvenile detention center. He faces charges of robbery with a dangerous weapon. Police are still appealing to the public for more information regarding this crime.

A serious charge like this can irreparably damage a young person’s entire life. Juvenile defense deserves serious consideration as it may be the best chance a teen or child has at minimizing the impact on his or her future. An attorney here in North Carolina who has handled this type of case law extensively will vigorously defend a suspect against the charges and may offer him or her the best chance at a better future.