Man facing felony charges after car accident claims 3 lives

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2020 | Personal Injury |

A fatal car crash is always a horrific event, but it often affects so much more than just the victims. The families of those killed have to face a life without their loved ones, which is not only emotionally devastating, but can have financial consequences as well. A recent car accident here in North Carolina may have that exact result after three people lost their lives due to what police say was a result of negligent driving.

According to officials a man was driving north on a state highway on a recent morning. He came upon traffic and police say that the proper response would have been to slow his vehicle; however, he allegedly did not do so. Officers say that his vehicle hit another car going in the same direction, which then crossed over the median, hitting another car going in the opposite direction.

Two people in the second car and one in the third died as a result of the collision. There were two other victims who suffered serious injuries, though their current conditions are unknown. It is also unclear which vehicles those two victims were traveling in.

The man accused of causing the crash has since been arrested and is being held under bond. He has been charged with multiple offenses including three counts of felony death by vehicle. He is accused of being intoxicated at the time of the crash, as he has been charged with driving while impaired.

A tragedy like this one can upend a family’s life. However, filing a wrongful death or personal injury claim may help them better navigate the financial aspects when a civil claim is successful in securing monetary damages. Those here in North Carolina who wonder if they should pursue this type of legal action after a car accident may want to speak with an attorney who has a wealth of experience in personal injury law.