Numerous drug charges necessitate strong criminal defense

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When someone is accused of a drug crime, the potential penalty can be very serious. Though most accused people understand this fact, they may not realize just how quickly charges can stack up in cases such as these. The more charges people have against them, the more important it is that they consider their options for criminal defense to give them the best chance at minimizing the impact on their lives. One recent traffic stop here in North Carolina resulted in a man facing numerous charges related to drug trafficking and other serious crimes. He may have to trust in the expertise of a criminal defense attorney to deal with these accusations.

According to police, officers made a traffic stop on recent weekday on a state highway. It is not apparent precisely why police made the decision to stop this particular vehicle; however when they did so, police claim they found cocaine, marijuana, a firearm and more during a search of it. The driver, a 21-year-old man, now faces multiple charges, in addition to others that relate to another drug investigation being conducted by a local sheriff’s office.

His charges include trafficking by possession of Schedule II controlled substance, possession with intent to sell and deliver cocaine, and carrying a concealed weapon, though he faces several more in connection with this arrest. The man is being held in a local detention center under bond. Police have appealed to the public for more information about the case.

Though this man’s case may seem like an extreme example, the fact is that anyone facing drug charges can learn from his arrest. Those with multiple charges may want to stop and think about the potential impact such an event could have on their lives. Working with a criminal defense attorney here in North Carolina may offer accused people a way through this experience with the hope of moving their lives forward in a positive direction.