Juvenile defense can give a young person a 2nd chance

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Young people can be easily influenced by those around them, which can be good or bad, depending on the exact situation. One 17-year-old in North Carolina may have been subjected to negative influences, resulting in an arrest for several criminal charges related to car break-ins. A criminal conviction for people at this point in their lives can have a snowball effect, often resulting in more brushes with the law and negatively impacting their ability to live a full life. This young man and others like him may need strong juvenile defense to give them the best chance at reducing the possible repercussions.

Police say that they responded to a 911 call for a suspicious person on private property on a recent early evening. The responding officers claim they saw three people jump into a vehicle and flee the scene, nearly hitting a police car. After a high-speed pursuit on the interstate, officials say the suspects left the vehicle after it struck a guardrail.

Officers managed to locate the 17-year-old suspect in a nearby parking lot. Besides the charges he now faces, including numerous counts of breaking and entering a motor vehicle, he may face additional court scrutiny as he is apparently under a Juvenile Secure Custody Order. That essentially means he was required to stay under protective custody due to pending charges for another criminal case.

Charges of this magnitude have the potential to severely and negatively change the course of this young man’s life. Even if the evidence against him is overwhelming, all accused people in this nation are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Still, he will likely need the assistance of an attorney here in North Carolina who has considerable knowledge of juvenile defense. It may be his best shot at a brighter future.