Criminal defense likely for man accused of excessive speeding

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2020 | Traffic Violations |

When someone is accused of a crime, he or she may not fully realize the changes that could take place if convicted. People often think that if they serve their sentence, that will be the end of the matter, but that is almost never the case. Even when the crime is a nonviolent one, such as a traffic violation, a guilty verdict can irreparably harm the person’s future. One man in North Carolina may be considering his criminal defense strategy after police say he sped through a work zone, reportedly reaching speeds in excess of 180 mph.

Authorities allege that the crime happened on a recent weekend morning on Interstate 95. A state trooper claims that the suspect sped through a work zone, where the posted speed limit was only 65 mph, and that the man’s vehicle attained a maximum speed of 187 mph. The trooper further alleges that when he tried to pull the man’s car over, he sped off.

State police say that they put stop sticks at an exit to disable the man’s car by deflating the tires at a controlled pace. The man reportedly ran off the side of the road and crashed his vehicle into some bushes in an attempt to dodge the stop sticks. Authorities say that no one was injured but that a first responder claimed that the driver informed him that he was testing the limits of his new car. The car may have a manufacturer upgrade that allows it to reach speeds of 190 mph. The man has been charged with speeding in a work zone as well as other offenses.

Though the case against this man may seem fairly open and shut, it is important to keep in mind that the justice system in this country formally presumes every accused person is innocent until and unless proven guilty. People deserve to explore their options for criminal defense. Those here in North Carolina who are accused of committing traffic violations may want to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney to give themselves the best chance at achieving the post possible result.