Noncompete agreements must align with contract law

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2020 | Contract Law |

A business requires protection for certain proprietary information. Without it, employees could take valuable knowledge or resources to a competitor. This is why noncompete agreements are used by all kinds of businesses across North Carolina. However, this is a part of contract law that is often misunderstood, meaning that a business may not be as protected as it assumes. There are certain things a business must consider when using a noncompete agreement to be sure it is in compliance with the law and that the business is protecting itself.

Some businesses may want to use a noncompete agreement to encompass matters that may be better suited to another agreement. A noncompete agreement is a type of restrictive covenant, and it may not be enough to fully protect a business as it desires. Furthermore, any agreement needs to be specific to the industry or type of business for which it is being used, as some businesses may not require certain protections. This also means that different types of employees may need different agreements, as some may not be privy to as much valuable information as others.

There are other questions that vary from state to state, and this is why it is best to get professional assistance in creating a noncompete agreement. Some state laws make it difficult for a business to utilize restrictive covenants. Others stipulate exactly when during an employment process a contract can and must be signed. Some even mandate compensating employees for signing such an agreement.

No matter the scenario, it is a good idea to work with a contract law attorney when generating any type of written agreement for a business. Businesses in North Carolina need to be certain that they are addressing all necessary points in any legal contract. Doing so can offer peace of mind that both employers and employees are treated fairly.