Criminal defense: Driver facing charges in pedestrian’s death

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Most people have been involved in a car accident at some point in their lives. Most of those accidents are minor, but for those that result in another person’s death, people often search for answers as to what might have prevented the tragedy. In the case of one recent North Carolina man’s passing, his neighbors think plenty could have been done. They say that his death wouldn’t have happened if the driver accused of hitting him while he walked his dog hadn’t been speeding. Police apparently agree, as the man is now facing charges and will likely need criminal defense.

Authorities say that the incident occurred on a recent evening in a residential area where a man who lived there was walking his dog. Another man driving an SUV was allegedly speeding when the vehicle veered off the road, striking a mailbox as well as the resident and his dog. The man did not survive the collision. People who live in the area have expressed both sadness and anger over their neighbor’s death, saying that drivers speeding in that area has been a problem for quite some time.

Police have charged the driver with misdemeanor death by vehicle and reckless driving. They may add additional charges once their investigation is complete. They have ordered tests to determine if any other potential factors, such as intoxicated driving, may also have caused the collision.

Even if police decide not to file any more charges, the driver of the SUV could be facing serious punishment if convicted of the accused crimes. Anyone in that kind of situation should consider how best to handle his or her criminal defense case, to facilitate the best possible outcome. A Maryland attorney with significant experience in this area of the law can serve as a valuable resource.