Juvenile defense: 17-year-old facing numerous weapons charges

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Young people generally have their entire lives in front of them, and the choices they make in the present can have a deep impact upon their futures. This is true whether their choices have a positive or negative impact upon their lives. Young people convicted of crimes risk affecting their futures in multiple ways even after their sentences have been served. This is what one young man may have in store after he was arrested for multiple weapons-related charges here in North Carolina. He and his loved ones may need to consider a strategy for juvenile defense.

Police say that officers responded to a call of shots fired at an area mall on a recent evening. They located the suspect, age 17, inside the mall and searched him. Officers say they found a handgun on the young man’s person that they claim was taken during a residential break-in near the beginning of this year.

Officers arrested the teen and charged him with felony possession of a stolen firearm, possession of a firearm by a minor, damage to property and discharging a weapon in the city limits. They took him into custody and subsequently released him to his parents. However, officers say they are still investigating the entire incident and they may make more arrests in the near future. They have appealed to the public for eyewitness information.

Though charges like these may not seem serious since no one was hurt, the North Carolina criminal justice system likely won’t see it this way. If this teen is convicted of the charges he is facing, he could have to spend time in jail, pay significant fines or be put on probation. This is not to mention the difficulty he could have obtaining future employment. A thorough juvenile defense strategy enacted by an experienced attorney may be his best hope at obtaining as favorable an outcome as possible.