5 people, including an entire family, die in car accident

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Losing someone to a car crash is always a tragedy for family and loved ones that are left behind. When a car accident results in the loss of an entire family, it is not just devastating for their extended relatives, but for the entire community. A recent crash involving multiple vehicles here in North Carolina had just that sad result. Now, the relatives of the two parents and their two young daughters are left to grapple with the loss.

According to authorities, the collision happened on a recent evening. The family was traveling on I-485 to pick up a new, custom wedding band for the mom. A vehicle in the outer lanes was allegedly speeding and ran into a box truck. Police say that the impact caused the truck to crash through the median and enter the lanes of oncoming vehicles. The truck apparently hit two vehicles.

The parents and their daughters were not the only fatalities, as the driver of the second vehicle that was struck also died. There is no word on the condition of the box truck driver or the driver accused of causing the crash. Police also have not announced whether they intend to file any criminal charges against anyone involved. They are likely still conducting their investigation, as they were waiting to publicly identify the family that died, though a relative confirmed their identities to news sources.

Even if North Carolina police decide not to file any criminal charges in connection with this car accident, the extended relatives of the family that died, as well as the family of the other driver who died, have other legal options. They could decide to file civil litigation against any parties deemed responsible for the crash. An attorney can best advise anyone in this type of situation of how to proceed.