Criminal defense: Man arrested for DWI, hit and run

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People often don’t realize how one or two decisions can have a long-lasting effect on their entire life. In extreme cases, just one choice can cause a person to wind up in prison, which can have ramifications long after the sentence has been served. When someone is facing criminal charges, it is imperative that he or she thinks about possibilities for criminal defense, whether that person committed the offense or not. One man accused of impaired driving right here in North Carolina will have to do just that after police say that he ran his car into a tree and endangered multiple lives.

Authorities claim that the man was driving on local roads on a recent Friday evening. Officers received a call informing them that someone may be driving while intoxicated. Reports say that he was driving recklessly, ran off the road and nearly hit some pedestrians with his car. Witnesses also claim that his car eventually struck a tree but that he drove off immediately afterwards. Police say they found him a short distance away and that though he first stopped for them, he drove away and ran off the road again.

His truck allegedly came to a stop after it went airborne and struck part of a retention pond. Officers claim the man was unresponsive and was rushed to a nearby hospital. Officials determined he was impaired via a blood test, but he was not arrested immediately due to his injuries. He has been charged with driving while impaired, resisting an officer, and hit and run.

Though no one but the truck driver was hurt in this incident, the court will still take his charges very seriously. People charged with the same offenses can face jail time, fines, probation and even license suspension or revocation. Those in a similar situation here in North Carolina may want to consider working with a criminal defense attorney who can ensure that they are treated fairly by the judicial system and give them the best chance at the most favorable outcome possible.