Hit-and-run car accident proves fatal for woman

On Behalf of | May 12, 2020 | Personal Injury |

A recent car crash here in North Carolina forever changed the lives of two high school sweethearts. The husband and wife, both in their 60s, were struck by a vehicle head-on, resulting in serious injuries. The man accused of causing the car accident initially tried to evade law enforcement, but he has been apprehended. Sadly, what began as a storybook romance has had the worst possible ending, as the wife did not survive her injuries.

Police say that the crash happened on a recent Saturday morning on a local highway. A man driving a Jeep allegedly crossed the centerline and struck a passenger vehicle head-on. The married couple in the passenger vehicle, who had been together since their teen years, were both seriously injured. The wife died while in transport to receive medical treatment, and the husband is now listed in critical condition after being airlifted to an area hospital.

Officials and witnesses say that the man in the Jeep exited his vehicle and fled into the woods. Police used canine officers to locate him, and then rushed him for emergency surgery, though he is expected to recover from his injuries. Police have already charged him with felony hit and run and may decide to file further charges once they receive results of a toxicology screening.

Even if this man ends up not being convicted of any criminal charges, the family of the couple may decide to file a personal injury and wrongful death claim against him. A successfully-litigated claim may result in monetary damages that could help the family cover expenses related to the car accident, such as medical bills, funeral costs and more. Those here in North Carolina in a similar situation may want to consult an attorney who can advise them of their options.