Fatal motor vehicle accident ends lives of both drivers

On Behalf of | May 27, 2020 | Personal Injury |

A fatal car crash can be devastating for the victim’s family no matter the circumstances. There are instances where a family may feel a sense of justice at seeing the person responsible for the crash charged with a crime. However, when both drivers in a crash lose their lives, a family may feel as though they have lost that chance right along with their beloved family member. North Carolina police recently announced that there would be no criminal charges filed in connection with a recent fatal motor vehicle accident that killed both drivers, though that may not be the end of a family’s options for justice.

Officials say that the crash occurred on a recent afternoon on local roads. Police allege that a passenger vehicle traveling south crossed over the centerline for unknown reasons. The car struck an oncoming pickup truck head-on, according to officers. Reports say that the two drivers were the only ones in their vehicles and both died at the scene of the crash.

Police still haven’t determined exactly what caused the crash, though they say that the driver of the passenger vehicle was driving recklessly. Though they have announced that the driver of the passenger vehicle was over the centerline, they have not publicly speculated about any other potential dangerous driving behavior, such as excessive speeding or cellphone use. Officials have requested a report from the medical examiner who will likely attempt to determine if anyone involved may have been intoxicated at the time of the crash.

Though no criminal charges will be filed for this crash since both parties died, the family of the pickup truck driver may have other means for legal recourse if the evidence indicates that the other driver caused the accident. The family could decide to file civil litigation against the estate of the driver or any other party deemed responsible for the motor vehicle accident. Those here in North Carolina in a similar situation may want to consult a personal injury attorney to determine the best course of action.