Teens accused of armed robbery will need juvenile defense

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Young people from all walks of life make mistakes as they grow into adulthood. When those mistakes involve criminal activity, the consequences can follow them well beyond their teen years. For those facing criminal charges, it is important that they have competent adults to guide them through the process of juvenile defense, with the aim of minimizing the long-term impact on their lives. Four North Carolina teens will need just that after being accused of committing multiple armed robberies.

Authorities say that the four teens attempted to rob a restaurant in a shopping center late at night. Police claim that two of the teens went into the restaurant and demanded an employee give them money, while brandishing a firearm. The employee apparently hid behind a counter and the teens allegedly tried to break open the cash register with the gun. When they were unable to do so, according to law enforcement, they fled the scene without taking any money.

Police say they arrested those two teens along with two more shortly after the incident. They say that they confiscated guns and masks that were used by the teens. They are suspected of committing or attempting to commit five other robberies that all happened earlier this year. The teens range in age from 13 to 16 and have not been publicly identified due to their ages.

Each of these teens at the center of this alleged crime spree likely face multiple charges. It will be important for each of them to have a strong juvenile defense strategy, as conviction can have a ripple effect across the rest of their lives. Families of teens here in North Carolina who face criminal charges will want to consider consulting an experienced criminal defense attorney. This may be the best way to minimize the potential impact on a young life that is only getting started.