DUI driver may need criminal defense after fatal accident

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Many people in North Carolina have faced charges relating to driving under the influence. They may assume that it isn’t a serious offense, considering how often it happens. However, the court system treats DUI charges just as seriously as any criminal charge. The potential consequences may even be greater if the incident resulted in someone’s death. This is why anyone charged with DUI needs to consider options for criminal defense to ensure the best chance at fair court proceedings. This is no better demonstrated than in arecent fatal crash that authorities say was due to intoxicated driving.

The crash happened on a local road on a recent evening. Police have not stated exactly how the crash occurred, but they say that it involved three different vehicles. One of the drivers was charged with driving while impaired. There is no word on whether that driver was injured in the crash.

In one of the cars, both the driver and passenger died due to the injuries suffered in the crash. The two people in the third vehicle were injured but received treatment at a nearby hospital and are expected to survive. Police are hoping that the public can offer insight about exactly what occurred, and the investigation remains open.

The driver charged with DUI will likely need legal assistance to handle the case, especially if any other charges arise after police have finished their investigation. Those convicted of DUI may not only face jail time or fines, but they may lose their license or have difficulty obtaining future employment. That is why anyone here in North Carolina facing charges like these should consider working with a competent and experienced criminal defense attorney. It may be their best chance at obtaining as favorable an outcome as possible.