Former UNC football player may need strong criminal defense

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When someone is convicted of a crime relating to the purchase or sale of drugs, it can have a long-lasting effect on his or her life. Even just being accused of such a crime can cause a person social stigma that may be difficult to overcome. Having a strong strategy for criminal defense may be the best way to handle this potentially life-altering event. This is what one man, who used to play football for the University of North Carolina, may need to consider after he was arrested for multiple charges relating to drugs.

County law enforcement and the local Tactical Response Team made the recent arrest. Authorities claim they got a search warrant after officials saw the accused man receive a package. They say that package was worth $160,000 and contained marijuana and an edible form of THC.

Police charged the man with several crimes, including possession with intent to sell or deliver marijuana. Apparently, he is also wanted in at least one other state for a different drug crime, but there is no word on when he may have to face that specific charge. For the time being, he has been booked into the county detention center.

Being convicted of a drug-related offense here in North Carolina can negatively impact multiple aspects of people’s lives. Not only can it result in prison time, fines or probation, it can make it difficult to obtain employment or apply for a loan. Many people find that they are unfairly judged by others for having a criminal record long after their sentence is served. Consulting an experienced criminal defense attorney may offer an accused person the best chance at ensuring their rights are upheld and that all aspects of their case are fairly considered.