Dog walks become risky after daylight savings

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Automobile accidents are one of the highest causes of injuries and deaths in our nation, and the same rings true for our canine companions. All it takes is one drunk or distracted driver to make you and your pet’s lives more difficult.

There is a higher chance you and your dog will get hit by a reckless motorist during the night due to limited visibility and more exhausted drivers on the road. Now that daylight savings is upon us, you’ll have to be ready to spend more time walking your dog in the dark. You need to make sure both of you are visible at night so drivers can spot you from far away and know where to keep their distance.

What to put on the dog

Since dogs are harder to see than humans, you’ll have to give your pet some accessories you normally wouldn’t use during the day time. Some items you can use include:

  • Collars and leashes with reflective strips and lights
  • Bright and reflective vests
  • Clip-on lights
  • A miniature flashlight on their collar

Even if your dog is capable of walking without a leash, it is highly recommended to use one at night. It guarantees that they will be beside you and does a good job of alerting drivers of their presence.

How else can your dog be seen?

North Carolina also expects pedestrians walking at night to put effort into making themselves visible. You need to wear bright and reflective clothing as well so drivers can steer clear of the area you and your dog are in.

Try to keep yourselves on a brightly lit path at night as well. Not only does it make you more visible, but you can also watch out for any road damage or obstacles that may be in your way. If there aren’t too many street lamps in your neighborhood, take a flashlight with you. It’s especially important to see the road ahead if your dog walks faster than you.

If you and your pet end up getting hurt by a reckless driver despite all the precautions you took, contact an attorney with experience in personal injuries and pet injuries to help you seek compensation for the damages.