The reasons safer cars are not reducing accidents

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The newest cars on the market have a multitude of safety features. Manufacturers are starting to incorporate high-tech features, such as artificial intelligence, to help make their vehicles safer and to take some of the human error out of the equation. While these features are nice, they do not seem to be doing the job of reducing accidents in North Carolina.

Understanding why safer cars are not equating to safer roads is a little tricky. You have to look into many factors to get to the bottom of things. However, NPR explains that it all comes back to one main factor that is keeping the roads from really being as safe as possible and reducing the number of car accidents.

The human factor

There will always be the human factor in play with any vehicle on a roadway. Adding a human into the mix will always open the door for mistakes, which can easily lead to accidents. This one factor is something that even the greatest technology cannot remove.

Other factors

Besides human error, there are other reasons why accidents still seem to occur at high rates despite all the work of the auto industry to produce safer vehicles. One reason is that the economy is doing better, so gas prices have gone down and people have more disposable income. This leads to more traveling and crowded roadways.

There are also all the typical issues, including drunk driving and distracted driving. Plus, not everyone has access to new vehicles, so they are driving those that do not have advanced safety features. Even those who drive newer cars may not be tech savvy enough to really make good use of the features.

It will likely be decades before the impact of these new safety features is positive simply for all of these reasons. While some issues will never go away, at least as time goes on, more of these advanced vehicles will be on the roads.