Tips for an uncontested divorce

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Spouses in North Carolina who decide to split up and can agree on the terms of the divorce have an uncontested divorce. Some couples may want a drama-free divorce but are not quite sure how to do it, but there are some ways that help soon-to-be exes through the process.

According to Our Everyday Life, in an uncontested divorce there must be agreement about:

  • Property and asset division
  • Debt disbursement
  • Child custody and support
  • Spousal support

There are numerous benefits for those who can mutually agree on these important topics. The process costs a lot less because it avoids expensive court and legal fees. While each party has attorney representation in an uncontested divorce, the billable hours are much fewer than with a divorce that involves litigation. The entire process for an uncontested divorce also typically takes far less time.

While a divorce with little to no fighting is ideal, the emotions surrounding divorce can make this difficult. The American Psychological Association offers some advice and tips for couples who need a little extra help to reach a mutual agreement.

Some couples find that going through the process of mediation can help to resolve differences. A third party can guide negotiations and keep emotions between the couple at a calmer level.

Without the use of a mediator, spouses can still work to keep things amicable. Each one should write down discussion points at times when they feel calm, and this list helps to guide face-to-face conversations. Email is also a helpful tool for those that have difficulty speaking with each other. Couples with children may find the process easier when they consider how the kids will benefit from a conflict-free divorce.