What are the risk factors of juvenile delinquency?

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If you are concerned about your teenager engaging in illegal and dangerous behavior in North Carolina, you may be looking for ways to intervene before it is too late. Beginning by understanding the risk factors that frequently lead to juvenile delinquency is critical to know where to turn your focus.

Beginning from a young age, talk with your children about the consequences of becoming involved in illegal behavior. Juvenile delinquency can have many long-lasting consequences that can affect your child’s health, safety and freedom. Addressing your concerns from the time your child is young and encouraging him or her to be responsible, have integrity and use discretion in making decisions can make a considerable difference as they grow.

Secureteen.com has provided some insight into some common reasons why your teenager could become involved in situations that ultimately compromise their future. These include the following:

  • Your child lacks communication skills or does not have access to a support system. If your child does not trust anyone or is seeking someone to listen to them or validate their existence, they may seek to fit in and will do whatever is required to make an impression.
  • Your child comes from a broken family with inadequate support and love. Faltering relationships may cause your child to question his or her identity and contribute to delinquent behavior.
  • Your child does not have a good foundation of principles related to moral character. You can teach your child valuable characteristics by leading through your example.

The information in this article is intended for educational purposes only and should not be taken as legal advice.