Will a college revoke its acceptance if you have a DUI?

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College admissions are more competitive than ever. Today, it is not good enough for students to have excellent GPAs and above average SAT scores. Applicants today must show they are well-rounded by excelling in their classes while also remaining involved in extra-curricular activities such as sports, student council, clubs and community organizations. Most schools also like to see that applicants are upstanding citizens, which they can determine by reviewing a student’s criminal record (or lack thereof). If a North Carolina officer arrested you for driving under the influence, you may wonder if the college of your choice will revoke your acceptance or deny it altogether. The answer is, it depends.

According to Monitech, North Carolina’s go-to interlock provider, DUIs fall into one of two categories: misdemeanor and felony. If the state convicts you of a misdemeanor DUI, and if the conviction is your first, the offense will likely not affect the school’s admission decision. Monitech suggests addressing the mar on your record during the interview and reassuring decision makers that the DUI was a one-time mistake, you learned from it and have since changed your behavior.

However, if your offense falls into the felony category, you may have a harder time getting decision makers to look past the transgression. Bear in mind, though, that people with criminal backgrounds do go to college. That said, if you have multiple DUIs on your record, felony or not, they might raise red flags to admission officers that you are not cut out for higher academic studies. If you wish to get into a professional school, such as law or medical school, you DUI may be grounds for disqualification.

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